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Hi! This account was made for the sole purpose of selling some of the JE goods that I own ^^ Goods are official unless otherwise stated. Just in case people are wondering, I'm selling these because I've kinda fallen out of the fandom and don't really use these items much anymore. :( Rather than throwing them away (I can't bear to actually), I want them to go to the hands of people who would like to keep them instead. :)

With that said, prices are more or less negotiable depending on the quantity of goods purchased. :)

For enquiries or to place orders, please drop an email to windypopx@hotmail.com!

Below is the list of items up for sale:

Official Photos (direct from Johnny's Shop) - S$1.50 each
Unofficial Photos (direct from papa shops or unofficial shops) - S$0.50 - S$1.00 each
(Magazines, CDs, DVDs and others have individual prices stated below)

With every item purchased, you are entitled to 1 official shop photo or 2 unofficial/ papa photos!
eg. 1. Purchase of 1 item:
• (Free) 1 Johnny's shop photo OR
• (Free) 2 unofficial/ papa photos

eg. 2. Purchase of 2 items:
• (Free) 2 Johnny's shop photos OR
• (Free) 4 unofficial/ papa photos OR
• (Free) 1 Johnny's shop photo and 2 unofficial/ papa photos

- Payment methods by meet-up or bank transfer
- Locations for meet-ups for collection negotiable

*For enquiries on magazines and photos eg. whether posters are still intact, artistes featured in each magazine, request for clearer photos etc, please email windypopx@hotmail.com.

Official PhotosCollapse )

Unofficial PhotosCollapse )

MagazinesCollapse )

CDsCollapse )

DVDsCollapse )

OthersCollapse )

Order form: (email to windypopx@hotmail.com please!)
Total cost:
Payment method: (Meetup or bank transfer only)